Welcome to CropSNPdb

The Crop SNP database (CropSNPdb) is a data resource for crop variation identified using genotyping arrays. The current database build
contains Brassica and hexaploid bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) genotypes from the Brassica 60k and the wheat 90k Illumina arrays.

CropSNPdb includes genotypes called from 535 Brassica lines from published datasets and 309 wheat lines from T3 Wheat.

  • Simple interface for querying and downloading public crop genotyping array data
  • Genotypes can be viewed as in table format and as a track in the genome browser GBrowse
  • Search function allows cultivar comparison and querying of genomic region
  • SNPs returned from a Search can be downloaded as a genotype table or visualised via a link to a genome viewer
  • Bulk download of all SNPs per chromosome in genotype format is available to facilitate further analysis.
Genome builds